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POSMicro Extended Warranty Information carries extended warranties from major POS Hardware manufacturers, including Epson, Symbol, and POS-X. Though the warranties carry various names and provide some unique features, they all do the same thing; provide peace of mind for the end user well beyond the coverage of the standard warranty.

Datalogic Maintenance Agreements
Datalogic provides three tiers of their extended maintenance agreements, covering your product for the entire life cycle with their Quick Replacement, Service Plus 2-Day, and Service Plus 5-Day Programs. Service Plus 5-Day is the baseline program, repairing your defective product within 5 days of receiving it. Products are repaired and upgraded to current specifications before being shipped back. Service Plus 2-Day provides the same service within a 2 day turnaround period, and Quick Replacement gives you next-day "spare in the air" replacement of your defective barcode scanner.

Epson ExpressCare Service Options
Epson's ExpressCare Service Options provide an a la cart method for extending the warranty of your receipt printers or pole displays. ExpressSite connects you with Epson's national network of trained technicians, giving you in-house support of issues that afflict your POS equipment. Fast Turn Depot gives you 2-3 day turnaround on necessary repairs, minimizing disruption of service. ExtendedCare extends the standard warranty, providing products with multi-year limited warranty coverage. Spare In the Air eliminates the costly need of sending a technician to your location by sending working replacements instead, with shipping charges paid by Epson. Virtual On Site gives larger businesses spare working equipment, eliminating downtime from faulty hardware.

Honeywell Service Plans
In addition to the included warranty with all hardware, Honeywell offers a silver and platinum service plan. The silver service plan provides a 10-day, in-depot turnaround while taking care of shipping charges, and is available in three and five-year packages. The platinum service plan offers coverage for normal wear and tear, unintentional damage and factory defects. With platinum, a replacement is shipped next-day air before the faulty equipment is shipped back to the repair depot. The platinum plan is available in two, three, and five-year packages.

Motorola Service From the Start
Motorola's service from the start program provides comprehensive coverage for their line of mobile computers, available in bronze and gold programs. The bronze program extends coverage to normal wear and use, provides a 3-business day turnaround, and is available in 3 and 5 year plans. The gold program provides spare in the air product replacement, minimizing downtime if your mobile computer needs repair.

Star Micronics Service Agreements
Star Micronic's Extend-A-Star and Swap-A-Star service agreements expand on the standard service you get with any of their receipt printers. Extend-A-Star is a full bumper to bumper warranty with prompt repair turnovers and online status of your repair. Swap-A-Star goes one step further, shipping out a replacement unit the next day to maximize uptime.

Unitech Protection Plus
Unitech's Protection Plus service plan includes and extended or comprehensive warranty to expand on the coverage already provided by their standard plan. The extended warranty is a multi-year plan with optional 48 hour turnaround. For premiere service, the comprehensive warranty covers not only manufacturer defects, but normal wear and use or accidental breakage, and covers cables, power supplies, and batteries.

POS-X Rapid Replacement Warranty
The POS-X rapid replacement policy takes their already industry leading hardware warranties and speeds up the turnaround time, minimizing downtime and saving you money in the long run. Rapid Replacement improves the standard warranty by providing next-day shipment of replacement barcode scanners, receipt printers, or other pos hardware, with free shipping each way. Available in 3 or 5 year packages, the POS-X Rapid Replacement Warranty gives any business tremendous peace of mind.